Hello and thank you for tuning into KokoBlog!

We are really going to have a lot of fun here.  Relaxed, let’s chat kind of fun.  I checked the diva designer persona at the door a long time ago.

Each week I will regale you with tips and treasures that will help you, my DIY at-home followers, as I highlight all kinds of wonderful information to help you on your personal design adventures.

We will launch a weekly entry to our blog highlighting all kinds of wonderful information to help you on your personal at home design adventures.

I will also be highlighting some ‘off topic’ features from time to time of my favorite things.  Oh….do I ever have alot of favorite things too!  Bring it on, Oprah!

So anyway, thank you for joining us as we expand our design offerings to the national DIY audience. Our sister company, Spaces Design, is also off doing some really neat creative things that we will share from time to time. Some is ‘highly” confidential so I have to stay hush on those out of respect ….. shhhhh…..celebrity homes need attention too as do fun TV shows!

Oh….. You might ask, “why is there a dark haired girl in a cape and superhero costume?”  Well…..no real reason.  Well….no real relevant reason, that is.  I just always wanted to be a superhero so here is my chance.  I wasn’t interested in being a princess or playing with dolls but I loved to imagine flying around with the Jetsons and coloring pretty pictures, gluing, taping, and sculpting things out of mud. I must clarify that was real mud I worked to perfection … think globs of outdoor goo molded to perfection and baked in the sun on my parents Christmas tree farm.  We had to work hard for entertainment back then.  So…here is my chance to be a colorful, artistic super girl!  Meet my alter ego, Kaptain Koko.

Let’s have some fun!

Over & Out!

Kaptain Koko


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